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Monday, November 28, 2011

making a list, checking it twice

little miss last christmas. SO TINY!
I am a list person. I actually have a book for all my lists, purchased in September when the school supply aisle shows up at the grocery store. I have had books for my lists since as long as I can remember. Sometimes they have writing, story ideas, sometimes doodles.

When I was five I wrote stories and drew pictures and practiced my name over and over.

When I got into school years and later, college, I made lists of homework assignments, my best friends, boys I liked, etc.

And then adult years led to lists of wedding plans and projects and things I needed to get done at work. In my previous life at my job that led me far from home I made lists of things to look forward to, clothes I would buy with bonus checks, and plans for when I got back home to my sweetheart.

And then I got pregnant and the lists grew exponentially. I had lists to catalogue my lists. Nursery things we needed, clothes we needed, books to read, birth plan thoughts. And then after baby was born a list wasnt cutting it. I had a spreadsheet, oh yes I did, to document every feed, nap and wet diaper. (you laugh, but it was needed to keep me sane.)

I live in pages sometimes, pages I create myself. Happy thoughts and work accomplished. Everything is organized, neat, even when life is not. (We could analyze this but, let's not.)

little man cutting snowflakes last christmas
And so, as I face the holiday season with not one, not two, but THREE babies, I of course, make a list.

Craft supplies needed, events and activities planned, we will enjoy every gosh darn minute of the month and I WILL be prepared. Kids are bored? I've got an activity lined up! Cousins coming to play? Here, a craft! Presents needed for 25+ family members? Oh yes, all under control.

You may be thinking, geez this girl needs to lighten up, enjoy the holiday season, the real meaning and all that. And yes, yes, I agree with you, but the lists, they facilitate that peace of mind to be able to do all that good stuff. You see?

Okay stop psychoanalyzing me, m'kay?


So, what are your favorite things to do with little ones this time of year that I can add to my list?
last much snow!


  1. I never made lists until I started planning our ridiculously ginormous wedding. The wedding is over (thank God!) but the listing continues. :) Hope you all had a splendid Thanksgiving. Take care!

  2. Christmas cookies are good, but I have a hard time with rolling and cutting out shapes with little people. It sounds terrible, but it's true! It seems to be the precarious nature of getting shaped dough to the pan that is so stressful. I usually shape and bake the cookies, with the help of my oldest, then let everybody in on frosting their very own plate.

    Two things I LIKE to do are an advent calendar with Hershey's kisses and a chain of paper links. We will be opening the advent calendar each day *after* we are dressed, fed, and shod. This is also known as motivation!

  3. I am a list person too. My husband always says the next step will be to make lists of my lists! ;)
    We are going to make some salt dough ornaments, find some snow to play in and make cookies for the holiday.

  4. lauren, we had a great time, hope you did too!
    heidi, my mom hosts a cousin cookie day each year, so i get out of baking :)
    MGG, dough ornaments...hmmm...might look that up!


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