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Monday, November 21, 2011

mitten stays

So, just as a side crafty note. Lord have mercy, isnt putting your kid's mittens back on over and over again the most annoying thing about snow play (aside from when you step in a deep drift and get snow down your boot, that is the worst...or when your kid thinks its funny to throw snow at you...or when they have to pee five minutes after you get outside...okay so there are many things more any case...)

Here is a temporary solution, until I have time (somewhere over the rainbow) to craft new mitten that fit little miss and are long enough to tuck far into her sleeves so they never ever come off.

Mitten stays.

And here is how it is done.

Take old holey wool sock.

Cut off toes of sock.

Pull on over mittens and sleeves.


I swear it totally works.


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