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Monday, November 21, 2011

first snow

but i dont WANT to look like
a cute fuzzy snow bear!!

So, while we had a ridiculous weekend away (in which the car broke down AGAIN) it snowed back at home.

The kids, upon staggering into the house late last night, were delighted to see the white fluffy stuff on the ground.


Yes, yes, I know, I am familiar with the stuff.

We Northern folk have a love hate relationship with our long cold winters. We love to kvetch to each other, and the world via Facebook, but secretly we love LOVE our winters.

I guess that is me. I really do like the cozy snowy winter. And we all know I love woolens and bundling up my babies.

brother is a tad agressive in his snowballing...
So this morning, after begging and pleading we fiinally got our act together enough to go outside. PHEW. Dressing three children for outdoor play is ROUGH. First we track down boots in which I tried not to swear in front of little man because his carefully saved winter boots from three years ago which will now fit little miss are MISSING. Well, one is, which is all the more maddening. And then, you go to actually get them dressed (rainboots will work little miss, for now) boots, hats, where are the mittens? Etc. Etc. and then first one dressed starts stripping off their clothes as you are dressing number three (But I am HOT Mama!)

And then baby cries. Ah, milk, yes you need milk.

So I chuck the kids out into the snow, throw on some boots, grab Ergo, baby, scarf, hat, and then by the time I get outside the kids are already throwing snow at each others faces and the little ones mittens keep falling off...but then, baby starts nursing, wailing stops, and kids are threatened properly (you throw that snow in her face again and you WILL go inside!)

And then ahhhhh....snow play. And they love it. And I love them. So, even though I forgot my gloves inside, it all works out.

her grin is cracking me up these days

doing the tricky ergo nursing thing

rocking the gypsy look these days...


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