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Sunday, November 6, 2011

an organized, portable diapering station (and a how-to for homemade diaper wipes and a wool wetbag)

With your first kid the changing table is an integral part of nursery decor. It matches the crib. It has cute baskets to hold all your supplies. You hang colorful pictures or a mobile over it for stimulation.

I had all of this for little man.

Then little miss came along, and the second hand changing table (all we could afford at the time during dada's law school days) was held together by duct tape, so we got rid of it, plus we needed the space for another dresser in the kids room.

I made due by laying a changing pad on top of her dresser, with cute shelves and baskets nearby, holding all her diapering supplies.

By the third kid, well, third kid doesnt even get a dresser, she gets baskets, and for diapering, well, she gets changed on the floor.

But the little diapering station I have created for her is one of her favorite spots, she is hanging out there right now, cooing and talking.

So, in the middle of my living room floor I have a changing pad, from the throwaway changing table, and this great wooden (and attractive!) dangling toy that she lays under, and a big (and attractive!) basket with all my supplies next to it.

squirt bottle with wipe solution, flannel wipes, a few changes of clothes
of course plenty of dipes including fitted dipes and some woolies
And you know what? It works.

My only dilemma at first was where to put the wet diapers? I am not really keen on having my big diaper pail in my living room, but running up and down the stairs to where I keep the diaper pail and my diapering stash wasnt fun either. I have always meant to buy a wet bag, made out of that fancy breathable fabric, but then I saw a blog somewhere about making a wetbag out of an old sweater, well, you know how I love crafting out of sweaters. PERFECT. I sewed up a quick bag using an old sweater that was too scratchy for baby pants and then simply used yarn and a yarn needle to thread a drawstring through the fabric.

Simple. Easy. Cheap.

Oh, and you are wondering about the homemade diaper wipes? Here is what I did - flannel cloths, cut out from worn out pajama pants (the flannel was too thin to use for diapers) with sewn edges to keep from fraying plus a spray bottle with water, and a few drops of tea tree oil (an antiseptic) and lavender (soothing on sensitive skin).

It is gentle on little bums, smells great, can be used for a quick baby wipe down, and in a pinch works on a washcloth to wipe your own stinky self down (come on, admit it, how many times have you used a wet wipe to wash off when you cant get to a shower or when baby spits up on you as you are leaving the house?!)

Spray a few squirts onto a cloth for diapering needs, then just throw in with your cloth dipes and wash with them. SO EASY.

So there you have it.


  1. Great improvisation! We live in a tiny 800 square foot house so the same sort of happened with our second. She has a dresser, but nothing else. If there ever is a #3, it's thing will be stuffed under the bed or hanging from the ceiling or something! ;)

  2. Where did you find the dangling wooden toy thing? It is great!


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