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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

sweater dresses, knight tunics, and a pixie hat

Yes, oh yes, my crafting with woolens has again reached a fevered pitch. There is no snow on the ground and it still hits 40 degrees (!) but its coming...the cold, its like the music waiting for Jaws to attack...counting down...

And so, I sew.

Here are some creations. And I would show you pictures of the process but I didnt take any because I wasnt sure it would really turn out...but it did, so, happy me. HA.
like the legwarmers? HA. i love my girl

so the dress came about beccause 1) i went to
target and elsewhere looking for little winter dressses
and they werent warm or cute and 2) because
my sister had some cool sweaters to chop up :)

i saw these little dresses like pull over jumpers
in a cool store, locally made, expensive, yada yada.
i liked them because the seams were on the outside
so kinda playing up the whole scrap sweater look...

the sweater i chopped had a cool cowl neck that i
was able to save and then i cut out the bodice around it

i had to add a little ribbon (which missy girl LOVED)
to keep it on her shoulders because the buttons didnt go
up far enough

no nap plus a slight from brother equals huge
dramatic tears...cracks me up.

look at that drama!

the hat was knitted by yours truly. i made up the pattern so, dont ask. (it kinda
sucks too, strangely big in weird places works)

oh, the agony! (and yes, i did comfort her...)

so then little man was all, where is mine?? and
he wanted the sparkle fabric (bless him)
because it looks like knights armor he said.
so we made him a knight tunic, at first just
with the pockets but it wasnt "knight-y" enough
so we added the coat of arms thingy

he REALLY likes it. :)

and as long as it keeps him warm and he
will keep it on, really, who cares?

and dont worry, i didnt forget baby dear. :)
she got a pixie hat out of the sparkly fabric...

seriously so easy to make. cut out pixie shape. one seam up the back, hem up
bottom edge and edge around face, thread a tie through...voila. HAT.
kind of a hack job but still, cute.


  1. You amaze me, week after week with your creativity! You should post sometime about how this all gets made in a day and what interruptions there are, similar to the chicken casserole recipe post.

  2. did you use a serger or regular machine for that? and why are we always on the same wavelength? hmmmm.


  3. christy - i have a regular old sewing machine. i WISH i had a serger :) but...using the zigzag stitch works for this, pretty well. i have another i need to sew up for her, maybe today. did you try one? your kids would love these!

  4. I am glad to hear you can use a regular sewing machine. I almost asked for a serger for Christmas, but since my sewing machine DIED, I wasn't sure which to ask for...I think I missed my window though...maybe for my birthday. Until then, I think I wanna borrow someone's and see if I can make it happen with the zigzag action! Thanks for the tip, it's a good one!

    peace to you, sister!


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