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Friday, December 23, 2011

christmas craftiness ho ho ho

So, I had planned a series of posts on all these great things I have crafted this Christmas (or partially as the case may be) seems a few photos is all you are gonna get. Geez, slacker mama (or cheese, as little miss says in "Oh CHEESE its cold out!" ha ha ha!)
merry christmas from our little family...dada is in the glasses
and, of special note, my hair...medusa-esque snakes rising from my head.

Our little family is soo happy and excited for Christmas. We are getting the kiddos a kitchen to play with (From Ikea, though I wish we could do one of those awesome handmade all wood ones...although I don't know, if I had the cash even,  could I ever spend $350+ on a play thing??) In any case, they spent a full morning playing restaurant this week (including locking up and cleaning, so cute) so I am psyched to give it to them.

Lots of gift wrapping and merry making to be done, all in our little cozy (crowded?) living room. We are excited. And then we move on to the big family celebration...all 20+ of us. I hope I keep it together, keep the overwhelmed tendency that gets me, even on a normal year, all bottled up nice and tight. I AM excited to see everyone, have our fun traditions, see the joy in the kids as we are all together. That is what I am focusing on, and you know, that one Gift of Love that has given me this little house o' blessings.

Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas. Let your hearts be light!

a color sorting game missy will LOVE

those felt shoes everyone is making on pinterest

lots of jingle balls
elvin hats

my little elf and pixie

find the baby! my messy craft room...

after all that crafting my girls needed the same time...

reorganized playroom...


  1. Sara, your play room is always inspiring to me...and awesome crafts! Merry Christmas!

  2. How are you liking those felt shoes? I saw them in pinterest and thought I should make some. Is it worth it?

  3. daja - so the shoes are unfinished, still, i somehow left them behind and then never finished them. i have a feeling they are more shoes for show than for wear (ie, they come off easy) but i will let you know...


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