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Monday, December 26, 2011

a merry little christmas

Our merry little family had themselves a merry little Christmas yesterday. Hope yours was merry too! Now on to the big giant family Christmas. YAY!

Love and peace in the new year, from us to you.

"but i want to hold baby evahgreen"

a stuffed tree

i spent entirely too much time on this

dada's helper...putting together their kitchen


she loved this game! yay!

army guys for little man (purchased by dada.....)

a kitchen!!

her fave spot, hanging out in the playroom with the kids
little man with his new dragon knight castle (that i assembled, thank you very much)

modeling her new pixie hat (silk! from the nordic woolens company)

happy girl

playing outside (in 40 degree weather!!) with her new best pal jessie


  1. LOL Hannah (3 1/2) got the same IKEA kitchen as your little miss! Incredible - so fare away and at the same time sooo close. Congratulations to your beautiful family! Greetings from Switzerland MONI


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