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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas crafting with kiddies

Last year, if you recall, I dedicated my energies to coming up with meaningful crafts for my kiddos to engage in (like, er, Christmas dragons? read here and here and here and here for more) this Umm. I have tried. That is good enough for this year. You know?

Here are some of our efforts.

little man insisted on decorating his castle :)

Paper snowflakes, a big hit. I tried to look up how to cut out pretty pretty snowflakes on Pinterest this year involved printing out instructions, cutting out templates, tracing and copying and OH HEAVENS ITS JUST A PAPER SNOWFLAKE. So, we just hacked away. The results are pretty and cheerful though and little man LOVED doing this, for like an hour!

Our other effort. Painting a Christmas tree with finger paint handprints. Again with the finger paints. Five minutes prep. Twenty minutes painting. Thirty minutes cleaning up, which included chasing little miss around trying to get the paints back from her, chiding her for an hour about not touching the painting and changing her outfit approximately three times.

little man's follow up painting. which he hung by his castle. HA.

little miss's painting. looks like an operating table. the patient did not survive.
ew. it got thrown away.

notice the shirtless girl. egads.

obligatory baby photo. generally i am not a fan of these baby seat things but...
one does what one must do to say, do dishes, etc. she likes it because she can
chew on that red blanket. it cracks me up how tiny she looks on the floor.
must. get. this. thing. in. my. mouth.


  1. Too cute! I really wanted to do Christmassy crafts this year and had it all planed to do cookies and send out cards, but I'll be lucky if I get all my shopping done! Oh well, we do what we can:)

  2. Love this! Two things: First off, can you tell me how you get your kids to keep on warm clothes (above photo not withstanding) and two, we used coffee filters (just the cheap basket kind) to make our snowflakes. So easy, they practically fold themselves!


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