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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

happy st. nicholas day!

And yet, and yet, life continues - blessedly - whether mama hits the wall or not (metaphorically speaking of course, although after last nights bedtime drama of screaming sicko kids and etc mama was ready to hit her literal head on the literal wall, THUD THUD THUD, instead mama sneakily made brownies while the children ate dinner [they didnt even notice!!] and when they had been escorted/wrangled downstairs by dada for bed mama grabbed a fork and the cooling pan and headed to the TV room for a dose of House Hunters...)

In this case what continued was St. Nicholas Day, which is today.

I wrote a lovely, well researched post about it last year, should you care to read. This year there were no written out letters to leave for St. Nicholas to carry up to the Christ Child, no thoughtful related crafts, and we read the stories with a fussy baby in the sling off of my Blackberry...from that post I just linked to. ACK.

You know a huge part of it all for me right now is just this - I hate feeling like I am sub-par, comparing myself to my last year's self. But I suppose I am not my last year's self. So. There is that. And even as my eyes filled with tears staring at the tree while nursing baby to sleep I did realize this. So. Hence the fork and pan of brownies.

And yet, dada filled the boots and much joy was had this morning discovering the treasures and the sun is shining and all is know. Keep at it. Right?

throwing out seeds with "magic dust" to help st. nicholas find our house
"but where is the magic part?" asks little man, "ummm inside the seeds??"




  1. Hey, you still had a St. Nicholas celebration! Better than us!

    I love the big smile on Little Miss's face! Bethany LOVES Cinderella, too.


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