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Friday, December 30, 2011

happy new year

So our big giant family Christmas is over. We drove our hyper active screaming losing it children home at 8 last night. They were asleep in the car, heads bent over their pillow pets, by approximately 8:08.

First we had to stop back at the farmhouse for my giant coffee mug, which I had left Christmas day (after more than one cup of coffee spiked with Baileys) because, as I told dada "I will be super crabby tomorrow morning if I cant find it" to which little man started crying at - "Dad! We HAVE to find it. I DONT WANT MAMA TO BE CRABBY WHEN WE WAKE UP!"


Little miss is now screaming at me at the top of her little lungs. "MOMMY I WANT PRESENTS TO OPEN! NOOOOOOOOOOOOW!"


It was a lovely week. But now, now the real work of winter begins. A new year. A new baby. Who is no longer a newborn. And who has taken to sleeping in until 10 or 11. (!!)

Again, I am feeling the need to organize the CRAP out of my house. Serious.
1) basement clutter
2) the storage room
3) clothes
4) the craft closet (eek!)
5) random boxes which should be reorganized before we move (hopefully this spring)
6) excess toys

And to organize life a bit more too.
1) cooking more
2) meal plans
3) more real "schooling" efforts on my part
4) less TV
5) less me crafting, more child-friendly projects


More coffee first.

And hey, happy new year to all you  mommies and daddies and aunties and grandmas and friends of June and all who are a part of this collective effort at mommying, child rearing. One thing I so appreciate about family gatherings. All the people who love my kids to death and will help swing baby to sleep in the carseat while mama tries to wrestle little miss into her shoes or holds baby for an hour so I can shower and just BE. I LOVE YOU ALL.

And to all of you...I hope its a good year, filled with sticky hugs and sweet smiles from the little ones in your loves and happy days of sunshine and organizing and crafting (or whatever floats your boat) and well, giant mugs of coffee to get it all done. HA.

this is what stockings hung by the chimney with care looks like in my family

christmas morning

my grandma and baby girl

listening to grandpa read papa panov

cousins :)

my adorable newphews in their adorable hats.

the babies ... so far :)

the best photo of my children. little miss picking her nose and big brother hamming it up.
can you tell we let him watch home alone this year??


the latest family addition

and more to come!

my little pixie niece

my super adorable big little brother and little sisters... :)


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