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Sunday, December 11, 2011

how to make woolie boots for baby - out of old knee socks

Seriously, I think this is my most favoritest crafty invention today, right up there with the pilot caps I made a few months ago.

I was hanging out at my moms farm the other day with my sisters and my older sister who has a baby boy was like, can you make some quick shoes for him, and I was like, SURE! But, she wanted higher boot-like shoes so we cut up some sweater fabric and some fleece for the sole and then...this is the best part, sewed on laces to tie the shoes on. OH. MY. GOSH. Cuteness.

So here are some I made for my baby dear, out of socks I believe purchased seriously...ummm...15 years ago?? I cut them up to be leg warmers for little man when he was a baby, five years ago (when I was but a newbie at sweater baby crafting) they have been floating around ever since. I pulled them out because little man and miss wanted to go play outside, the baby was in the wrap but her little feet were hanging out. Anyone who has worn a baby in winter months (especially to go out and supervise snow play of older siblings!) knows that keeping feet warm is An Issue. So, I simply sewed the legwarmer things shut and thought, good enough. Then when we came in (literally 15 minutes later UGH) I thought why not turn them into little boots. I cut out soles and sewed them on with a zig zag stitch, attaching strings as I sewed with an old lace pulled out, from, well, one of dada's old shoes. (HA)

Were I to do this again, and I will!, I would use suede for the sole or some less stretchy fabric, and sew the laces on further back so they wrap around the ankle better.

FUN, right?

laces, sock tubes, cut out soles

sewn together



  1. They're like little papooses for her feet! So adorable!


    saw this and thought of you! hope i can be as crafty as you are when I'm a mum!


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