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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Anti-recipe #18 peanut butter chocolate refrigerator cookies

little man was a real fan of the powdered sugar
element of these cookies...
Some people call these mudballs. Snowballs. I have also heard, er, poop cookies, but I find that somewhat, well, distasteful (HA). I have also heard of pressing a chocolate chip in these and calling them eyeball cookies.

We used to make these as kids. And really its genius. Ball up a bunch of yummy things. Roll it all in powdered sugar. Eat.

And I had a sweet tooth this week. And we had a bunch of yummy things. But I didn’t want to eat straight up cookies (GLUTEN). So. Time to revive the fridge cookies.

Here is what we did.

½ cup or so of peanut butter…I used whatever was left in the peanut butter jar. May have been more like 2/3 cups.
Add some coconut oil, ¼ cup should do it.
A handful or two of chocolate chips.

Throw this in the microwave. Stir it up.

Add some powdered sugar, like ½ cup-ish until the mixture is ball-able. I also added some rolled oats to try and glue it all together. Just a handful or so.

Now, add whatever yummy things you like. I threw in some shredded coconut, more chocolate chips, and some peanuts. You could add dried fruit or nuts or whatever you can imagine.

Your little tyke can now participate in the fun part. Rolling the balls in powdered sugar. A messy sticky sweet process which will likely require you to re-mop the whole kitchen floor. Little miss ate her weight in chocolate chips while my hands were sticky helping little man. Lucky girl.

Place the rolled cookies on a cookie sheet and let harden in the fridge. Store in airtight container…but I imagine you will eat them up before that is necessary. (And I say you because as a confession my super picky 4 year old wasn't pleased with the whole coconut thing. Neither is dada. Fine. More for me.)


  1. We make peanut butter truffles that are just peanut butter and powdered sugar made into balls and refrigerated until firm, then dipped into melted chocolate (with a touch of margarine) and stored in the freezer. They're a huge hit on birthdays and holidays - yum yum!!


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