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Monday, October 4, 2010

hair and boot update

because I know you are all in such suspense...

where things stood this afternoon.
yes, i walked around the yard with the kids playing in the leaves
dreading my own hair.

little man took this picture :)

a few of the dreads. currently only about 6.
i think i am gonna take it slow.
(in case i chicken out in a week)
 So I actually wasn't going to officially put anything in until next week. Mainly because I am going out to Boston this weekend for my cute little college homecoming (Lord, I love that place! so cute! so picturesque!) and while my friends out there will be fine with it I just can't picture myself saying hello to my feared/beloved econ prof Dr. Smith himself with dreads in my hair. Also, I didnt want the lame "new dread" look when seeing old college friends for the first time in years. (If you see me just smile and nod, 'k?)

But. I got bored this afternoon. Pulled out the kids baby comb (I can't find another one in the house for the life of me) and started in on the ones that were already there. My sister is fixing them as I type. (OUCH)

More pics to come.

P.S. no boots for my birthday. Although I am officially cleared for purchase of said boots in the near future.


Here is what it looks like now after my sister fixed it...

THANK YOU SWEET SISTER! (...who also did my dishes tonight. Doesn't she rock?!)


  1. I love how they pick up the highlights in your hair. Way to take the plunge! :-D


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