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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anti-recipe #17 windy day crockpot beef stew

So. Really you can’t go wrong with beef stew. Especially if you follow two rules. 1) Use good quality meat. 2) Don’t overdo it. By that I mean, keep it simple. Don’t get all fancy. Dada loves to get fancy. He can do it though because, well, he knows food. I try to get fancy and I inevitably ruin the meal. So, like they say, K.I.S.S. is best (keep it simple stupid. HA)

Here is how I made super duper yummy stew that ALMOST caused a house riot over who got seconds, thirds and leftovers. (The early bird sister won the leftovers! HA.)

All of this goes in the crockpot, I cooked mine from noon – 6, at first on high then on low.

Chopped up half an onion, roughly
Chopped up two carrots, roughly
Chopped up 6-8 potatoes (medium-ish size)
Chopped up 1 steak into 1 inch cubes (dada says, that is too nice a piece a meat to use for stew! I say. PERFECT.)
Fill up with water. (I actually removed 2 cups of liquid after awhile to make sure it cooked down and wasn’t too soupy – I of course saved the yummy broth for soup another day, hmmm.)
Add salt and pepper and yummy herbs of your choice. (I added basil pureed in olive oil, and frozen in cubes for storage. I think dada added some rosemary. "Aromatics," he says, "it needs aromatics." Fancy pants.)

That is it. No tomatoes. No wine. No nothing.

Serve with buttered cornbread or a crusty loaf.

And yes, I wish I had some leftovers right now. (Although I was the one who took thirds so, I can't complain, insert winky face guy)



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