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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

on wednesday morning and cleaning and etc.

this picture has no relation to this post. i just like it.
 So last night little man woke up in the middle of the night with a fever. Slight sniffle. Mainly just fever. Dada is pulling three days and nights of work (restaurant week here in the TC area) and didn’t catch the burning up little man feeling. He brought him to me, desperate for sleep, at 3 am. Tylenol, immediately. And these great new calm/sleep tablets we are trying (I swear they work). Finally at 4:30 little man conks out. Not before waking up little (teething) sister who insists on nursing for the next 45 minutes until she too finally conks out.

So I am thinking. At least they will sleep in, right?


It never works that way.

So I have a ton to do (leaving on an adventure tomorrow with babydear to visit old friends in my college town on the East Coast…YAY.)

Curious George it is.

My house is a mess, due to the Day of Errands yesterday. Laundry. Dishes. Sweeping. Etc. Etc. (so of course like a good mommy I am blogging. HA HA)

I grab some coffee (and more and more and more) and start buzzing around the house.

As I do I have a few thoughts and of course, any coherent thoughts need to be blogged (as they are few and far between, especially on little sleep)

Here is the key to being an accomplished mommy with little kids in the house – NEVER. STOP. MOVING.

I mean that too. Don’t sit down. Sitting down only does two things 1) prolongs the inevitability of doing the dishes 2) makes you realize how tired you are.

So. Keep moving. That is my advice. Think of the calories you will burn! (especially if you consumed 1/2 a pint of sherbet last night!)

The other bit of home organization advice that I just realized and had to share…

When overwhelmed with the amounts of laundry needed to be folded (literally a small mountain) the laundry that needs to be washed (a thankfully smaller mountain) and piles of dishes in the sink an instant fix that makes you feel better? Make the beds. Seriously. I just made the beds (something I, gulp, er, never ever really do!) and things feel much better. Seriously. You should go try it. Unless you are the type to make your bed as soon as you wake up. In which case you are seriously reading the wrong blog (joking, keep reading pretty please?)

In dread-y news. Day two of having eight dreads. They are fuzzy and ick this morning. Hopefully they look better soon. I wonder if I need professional help (I know I mad that joke before but, HA.) I need to just do the rest of my hair I think. Then I can wear cool headbands like this one (NOT MY HEAD. I will credit them and link to their store. Seriously amazing stuff. You should buy from etsy…although I haven’t due to my weird internet shopping aversion…although I aim to change that soon…ok, end of typing in parentheses.)

Ok. I have been sitting here typing for approximately 12.5 minutes and am getting tired already.

Time to get moving.


  1. All true and good advice!! I agree about making the beds, sitting down, ice cream...all of it.

  2. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming... LOL!

    I think if I could stay away from the laptop my productivity would increase 2000% :-) But the beds are made!!!!!!


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