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Monday, October 11, 2010

back again...

the park next to the glittering ocean. definitely the most
popular stop for little miss.

So little miss and I went off for a fabulous east coast girl trip this past weekend. To see old friends. To relive college memories. To ooh and ahh over a new baby.

It was perfect.

But, I am OH SO TIRED.

Turns out traveling alone with a 19 month old is totally and completely exhausting (4 flights and two layovers, one train ride, one taxi ride, and one sitting on the tarmac while Mr. Obama himself took up our airspace and delayed our flight by one hour – thank goodness for youtube videos.) She flailed. She was an angel. She yelled “NO! OWIE MAMA.” She quietly looked at books. She screamed “MILK A MILK NOOOOOOW!” and tore at my shirt. She refused to let me cover up while we nursed. (getting a cold, traveling past bedtime and still working on that last molar – of course she wanted to nurse. But somehow whipping it out for a very verbal 19 month old on a plane is not as comfortable as for a young baby…and of course I sat next to stodgy old businessmen on 3 of 4 flights…)

our welcome home sign...made out of chocolate chips cookies.
mama has some big exciting shoes to fill next week
(while dada is out of town all WEEK. gulp.)
totally running away to grandma's farm.
I have a new appreciation for my little man. He is so good with his sister. And yes they squabble but they also play together and love each other.

When we finally loaded our bags into the good ole minivan at 10:30pm last night they were delighted to see each other. “BRUHBER!” “My SISTER!” And they hugged. And they kissed each others legs and hands. And they cuddled their little tired heads together as close as their car seats would allow. And really it was a magical 38 seconds.

little man hugging his girl. while she pushes him away
yelling "STOP IT." Ha.
Until one accused the other of hitting.

And then they started arguing about whose mama I am. “MY mama.” “No MYYYYYY mama!”

But when they woke up this morning. Baby girl's first thought was big brother. And she went running down the hall. Delighted to find him.

As am I.

It is truly lovely to see your children grow into little friends. To see their personalities mesh together. To watch them love and bicker and learn and cherish. I never thought that would be such a special part of parenting. I always wondered, before babydear came along, how we could ever love any other child besides our son, but somehow, cliche though it is, they complete each other. They are a little unit. My little unit.

And I love it. (And it totally makes me want more babies....insert smiley face guy.)

Next up: Potty training. Gonna do it.


  1. Sweetness!
    How was it to be at the old alma mater?

  2. it was lovely robin. i saw jen! its amazing how beautiful and big the campus is. so fancy. although jenks stacks are still ugly and perfect. just like i remember them :) i seriously walked around with tears in my eyes. i am such a sap!

  3. Yes, the sibling love is the big secret behind how anybody manages more than one or two kids. In fact, we're getting rid of a lot of toddler toys our first two kids used because our third child doesn't need them. She has siblings for entertainment, stimulation, education!

    Also, traveling with my son when he was one, I think he missed his big sister and it affected his mood.

  4. ah sara! so glad you and little miss had a good time on your adventure. (i missed reading your blog while you were gone). also, glad you made it home safe. AND reading this makes me miss your babies so much more!! can we speed up until christmas please?

  5. OHHHH- Can't wait for the chronicle on potty training, Margo has been hiding when she goes and showing a lot of interest lately so I'm thinking we might need to start soon but is 16 months too early?!

    Love your family stories!


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