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Monday, October 25, 2010

today i am blah

It is so funny how your mommying energy cycles.

Not ha ha funny, mind you.

my little stars.
I get all revved up for organizing and an hour of “school” time each day and projects and playdates and schedules and 30 minutes of writing EVERY DAY, GOSH DARNIT.

And then, and then, and then. Mama travels. Daddy travels. Babies get colds. Mama stops taking the time to get out. Energy wanes. Suddenly I find myself plopping babies in front of Pink Panther so I can do dishes in peace.

Yes, that is what it has come to, making time to do dishes in peace.

Although I must say I do find doing dishes to be somewhat therapeutic. The running water (loud enough to block out noises of children destroying the living room). The lovely geranium scented soap I just got from these people (local company, love them). Finally, a task I can complete! (Don’t put that dirty cup I missed in the sink!)

Today is a low energy day. An autopilot day. A watching Pink Panther kind of day. I managed a playdate. The kids were crabby though. Ok, one kid. (Little miss is rarely crabby.)

I came home and put in a load of laundry. Turned on Pink Panther. Swept the sand up around the basement floor and rearranged some boxes to make room for a little craft area in a corner of the basement. (I think I will hang up pictures down there too. Should be nice for winter. I am bracing myself.)

And now I am totally and completely without energy.

Zip. Zero. Nada.

And, I find myself once again longing for work and career ambitions and etc. Pendulum. Swinging swinging swinging.

And so I type.

I have two sisters staying with me right now. One to complete her schooling. Another to do politicking for two weeks.

I love it. The camaraderie. The stories from their days. But as they sit and talk about careers and work and colleagues. I think. I am so boring! I have nothing to talk about! Nothing to contribute to this conversation! Except what time dinner will be ready when they get home!

Hence the dreads.

My hair, at least, can be interesting. HA.

And so I do the dishes. And inhale the geranium. And love on my babies. And thank my lucky stars for their shining eyes.

And it is good.

The waxing and the waning is for a reason, I think, you know? To appreciate the season of life. To remember the sacrifices. (To remind your teenage children about them on occasion too. HA HA. I plan on doing a lot of that. Also, no dishes. YOUR TURN. HA.)

Back at it. Right?

Maybe time for a cup of tea.


  1. 1. this post is exactly how i feel right now. although instead of babies i sew things and listen to music and hunt fruitlessly for jobs.
    2. i wish i could be there with you and help with dishes and be another sister with everyone.
    3. your dreads are amazing.

  2. also i am heating up water for tea right now.

  3. Sounds a lot like me! There are days I wish I were out doing something other than vacuuming and dishes but then there are the days that remind me why I chose to stay at home :)

  4. hmm. i need to go get some bek. good earth chai. SO YUM. miss you too sweet girl.

    cortney - just they way it is, huh? the back and forth-ness gets to me sometimes...but then you get up and do it again. such is the mommying life. :)


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