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Thursday, October 21, 2010

dread-age update

Honestly I haven't had much to say about this lately because, when I wake up in the morning looking like a rat made a nest in my hair, well, I didn't want to share those moments. HA.

Perfect example. Walked into my older sisters yesterday and my dear brother in law cocks his head to the side,  looks at me, and says in his booming voice. "Sara, What Happened To Your Hair??" HA HA HA. My sister rises to my defense. "Its dreads, is supposed to look like that." (Sort of) "Oh! Well, Hmm, Looks Nice."


my "before help" shot

That said, I decided to not go the salon route. 1) I am reading nasty things about wax and over-saloning your hair 2) if this is to be a low maintenance hair style why would I pay big bucks to go in and have someone "fix" my hair every few months. 3) I hear that it can take a year for dreads to come into their full glory or more, so I think I will take the opportunity to stretch my patience and just wait...(maybe...unless I freak out in a month and HAVE to get them fixed, in which case I take all of this back)

Instead I went to my mom's house yesterday and she and my sisters palm-rolled, smeared aloe, and used a crochet hook to try and make my hair look more like "real" dreads.

Definitely an improvement.

(And yes, I do realize the irony that a "low maintenance" hairstyle is making me totally obsessive about my hair.)

there was something perfect about my mother taking
a crochet hook to my head.


much more dreadlock-y looking...
but still a work in progress

final product

yes, yes, i believe she is chewing on my hair.


  1. love them! wish i was there to help out!

  2. you look awesome, Sara! good choices so far, and I saw your FB comment on the sea salt- YES! YES! YES! sea salt. so true.

  3. your hair is so cute!! I love it!!!


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