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Thursday, November 4, 2010

a dreaded solution (for a dreadful mess)

So, to be totally un-Midwestern/self-absorbed for a moment. (My apologies.)

Let's talk about my dreads, shall we?

I kinda have to admit that I have woken up on more than one morning and HATED my rat's nest hair, almost a panicky feeling, MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE TO MY HAIR?

Later in the day it resloves, I put it back in a bun or braid and forget about it. But that nagging feeling is there.

Lets face it, I have no patience. NONE. Any patience I do have is for my children, solely, they suck it out of me, like, like, the image that is coming to mind is a vampire... I have very little left over for poor dada and absolutely none leftover for things like the Comcast tech support guy ... or my hair.

Someone asked me the other day when I was lamenting this situation. So, if its not for the low maintenance thing then, what, you like the hairstyle? Ummm. Maybe? Sure yea, I guess.

I did have a dream the other day that I magically woke up with beautiful Rapunzel-like golden ropes hanging down my head, that image gave me hope.

I needed help though.

But, rather than fork over the cash to a salon (I still want those dang boots) I did the next best thing. Asked "auntie" to help, once again (really Cari, you could be charging out your services - not to me though. HA.) I got little tiny plastic hair ties and had her tie up the dreads that need help at the base, near the scalp and then a few further down to try and contain and tame the frizzy mess.

So far, I think it is helping.

And now we wait and see.

i like how it looks from this angle.
see the little ties?
omg i look so tired in this picture.
and the dreads look all funky.
eh. too tired to care.



  1. Sara....hi love, Can I reccomend a Mom's best energy booster? Let the kiddos take a rest/nap and you sleep too. I can remember days when I sat down to read in the quiet of my room and fell asleep before the first page was done. Even 20 minutes is a good thing. (and the dreads are coming)


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