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Monday, November 29, 2010


June is back in action. Typing on my brand new laptop. YAY DADA!

So. How was your Thanksgiving?

We were on the farm for several days, hanging out with cousins and grandparents and aunties and uncles galore. We love it there. I didn’t make my brown sugar pie but the pumpkin cheesecake was quite the success. The only bummer about eating Thanksgiving dinner at the farm? NO LEFTOVERS. I am gonna have to roast a turkey soon.

We came home and put up a Christmas tree. So fun to see missy girl get into it for the first time and little man was very excited… after he screamed for an hour about how we had to rearrange the living room in order to fit in the tree. He is not into change and we had to take out the chair that he hides behind and calls his “mousy hole.” Definitely need to find him an alternative today.

I really have nothing inspiring nor interesting to say.

The children slept terribly last night. My brain is in a fog. An ice storm is on its way so we are holed up inside.

Just wanted to say hi.



  1. Hi, back! In the interest of ergonomics and sanity, I'm so glad your new computer is up and running! Kudos for getting the Christmas decorations started. I've been contemplating possible furniture rearrangements for about a week now, and haven't gotten any farther than that. Maybe we need a good ice storm over here to get motivated! (Good lord, I hope not!)

  2. ergonomics! HA! that made me laugh tracy. good luck with decorating!


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