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Sunday, November 14, 2010

my computer is dead

It sucks. I mean I know we can take it in and retrieve digital pics (all my photos for the past 6 years!) and documents and such. And in fact I kinda strongly dislike our laptop. Its old and slow and tempermental and crabby (not unlike its owner this morning, most mornings HA) so, I will be happy to get a new long as that can occur within a two day-ish time frame.

I am pecking away on my Blackberry right now. Fun times.

I have been computer-less for three days now and I am losing my mind. Plus I have honest to God work to do! Imagine that!

I was amazed to realize yesterday, as I updated my facebook for the fourth time in one morning (so embarassing when that happens) that blogging really has become such an important processing tool for me. Writing has always been important for my inner life but blogging has that added element of you-an audience (whether your interest in a particular topic is imagined or not) adding that in gives so much more dimension. Maybe someone else cares to read about my obsession with chex mix! Maybe you too will be interested in how I rearranged my living room! Etc.

Anyway. Thanks for listening.

Hopeful topics for the coming week (hopefully on a new laptop!) Include: me and chex mix, a love affair; knitting projects (I totally fouled up a hat for missy yesterday, still kinda pissed about it); big girl bed; a simply-minded christmas; quinoa; felting figures for little man; and no doubt ramblings about dreads and mommy-ness and etc.

Oh! We had our first snow! Such a lovely cozy Saturday yesterday...

So, until then...or until I break down to peck away again on my Blackberry.


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