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Thursday, November 25, 2010

on thankfulness...

Sitting in the sunlight
On the lawn
Smells of grass and
Wisps of a breeze and
Sounds of the city
Leaves dangle on the trees
Gems on an elegant woman
Long neck curved to the sky
Grey fingers beckoning me
This sun
This breeze
This caressing of my soul
And sounds of little voices
Mingle in it all
The sounds of life and
Happiness and
Love and

I am content

And a jolt
That I found it here
On the lawn
Elusive giver
Past not withstanding
Future to behold

Prowling around my heart
Pouncing where unexpected

And I am here
So very here

The blue and
The green and
The golden of this day
This moment
Imprinted on my heart


  1. love it sara, sometimes saying it in a few lines of great poetry is the best way.

    (also i kinda miss you guys. its been what, like 4 days or something?)

  2. gorgeous and moving. thank you!


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