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Sunday, November 7, 2010

ok. so. umm. yea.

Excuses as to why I have not written in the past several days contrary to recent personal resolutions (which also included running three times a week - HA - and writing a real book type thing)

- The kids are STILL SICK. For three days we battled fevers in little miss, despite having gone on to antibiotics for the first time in her life. She was finally fever-free this morning. Little man has been hacking and coughing and not sleeping well. He napped for two hours today. God help us at bedtime (no really God, please help us!)

- I threw out my back three days ago, in the midst of the fever/hacking thing. It was really fun. Like, lying on my back in the kitchen type fun. Also, it sucked because I couldn't stand up straight and walked around the house like the hunch back of Notre Dame which made me notice little things I normally wouldn't, being that I was looking down all day, like blocks scattered around the house and Cheerios that needed swept so of course, being me, I picked up and swept and cleaned all day...hunched over. It was ridiculous.

And here we are. Sunday. No fevers. No aching back. And now for a drink. OR TWO.

Will post more later.


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