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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

in the snow.

So I am standing outside under the grey snowy sky watching the children play. With fingerless gloves on. And a ball of yarn and knitting needles tucked in my pocket. Oh yes. Knitting out in the snow. And now blogging from my crackberry.

Hard core Minnesotan here.

Monitoring your young children as they play outside in the snow has got to be one of the WORST pasttimes of parenthood. Seriously torture.

First let's talk about getting ready. The layers. The battle over yes you have to wear mittens. Then you get outside and yes someone has to pee.

Then you get outside and its cold and wet and boring (for you anyway) and being that its the first snow there is mud in patches all over the yard and no matter how many times you say no the 4 year old WILL throw snowballs at you and baby sister. And she will cry. And she will fall in the snow. And she will ask you to whip out "milk-a-milk" right then and there. "Peeeeese mama!"

And did I mention the boredom??

Hence the knitting.

And your feet get cold. And fingerless gloves aren't really cutting it.

Seriously. My fingertips are numb. Time to say goodbye.

I am afraid its going to be a LONG winter.

And I would post an adorable picture of them in the snow but posting from crackberry doesn't allow it. Little miss has on the leggings I made in the woolie post. SO DAMN CUTE. And too big gloves and brothers old boots and a Hanna Andersson coat I found at a thrift store that I swore would fit but is MUCH too big. And brother is outfitted in his new gear all puffy and warm. And she is following him around eating chunks of ice (do they not FEEL THE COLD??!!) And now they are throwing chunks of ice through the chain link fence. Really? That is amusing? I am shivering my ass off for that???

Did I mention the boredom?

Ok. I seriously can't feel my fingers, making typing rather excruciating.

Time to use the old "let's have hot cocoa!" trick and get these hooligans inside.

(New laptop arriving next week. Yay!!!)


  1. Girl, you are definitely a hard-core Minnesotan! I've been known to wear ski pants in the house during winter. Seriously, I think I've become cold-blooded. And tiny little frozen fingers think it's hysterical to find their way onto Mom's back!

    Thank goodness for cocoa and chicken noodle soup to coax them back into warmness. (Confession--I give them the cheesy Swiss Miss stuff and hide my own stash of Trader Joe's Fair Trade Cocoa. Devious? Yes. Delicious? YES!)


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