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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas crafting - day 5

Happy Christmas Eve mommies! (And dadas, grandmas, grandpas, aunties and uncles!)

Dada is telling little man his nightly Iron Boy story, baby girl is asleep (since 5:30pm as she didn't have a nap...hope I don't regret this move when she wakes up at 3am! ugh.)

Anyway. Christmas expectations are hard on little guys. Mamas too. I feel like my child SHOULDN'T whine and scream about being allowed to only open two presents, one of which was pajamas (But they are so cute baba, with sweet little fold over feet! I DONT WANT CLOTHES. I WANT MORE TOYS!!!!!! YOU ARE RUINING MY DAY!!! Slams door.) Not cool behavior of course, but, I mean this is a perfectly understandable response. Why would mean old mom want you to open the pajamas when you know full well that there is a Buzz Lightyear from grandma under the tree. (You shake it and it talks, my kids found out.) I don't resent the reaction. Well, hours later I don't. At the time I was pretty darn angry. But we made up and snuggled watching a bit of holiday programming (Planet Earth - Caves episode. Some of those old school Christmas specials are kinda scary!)

And now bed. PHEW.

I hope it doesn't sound like my kid and I are at each other's throats all day. Like I said, there are a lot of expectations this time of year, a lot of anticipation and build up and all of that emotion has to go somewhere...the results of which can be unfortunate sometimes. The results can also be amazing.

Mama. Close your eyes and do this with your lips. (Puckers)

I obey and recieve the most SERIOUS of four-year-old boy kissses. Complete with arms flung around the neck in a hug.


I feel like the whole crafting-through-the-chaos this week has helped me see this. The ebbs and flows of our attitudes towards each other and the world at large, well, like the tide, I think its natural. I do need to work on so much however. But, its a work in progress, motherhood. One has to keep plugging away at it.

One also has to cross one's fingers, look heavenward and pray for a little relief, forgiveness, and patience and then look back down at those little faces with renewed energy and persepective.

I am blessed.

And, to finish out the week, the most laid back craft in the world was accomplished with ease (before the clothes-slamming-of-doors episode) - coloring a huge long strip of Ikea craft paper to make wrapping paper for our cousin Christmas (AKA Fake Christmas) on Monday.

Happy Christmas to all.


totally doing this regularly. how fun!

litte girl insists on chewing the wrapper off

its GREAT right Mom?

yes, it is GREAT.
(Santa on his sleigh and a Christmas tree
with presents, for those of you not familiar
with kid art)

our nice little packages
Oh, and I didn't mention not only did dada go out and replace my dear Blackerry this morning - with the latest model! - but he also brought home a gift he insisted I open today. A new camera!!! THREE CHEERS FOR DADA. And he is making a roast duck for Christmas dinner. Did I get lucky or what?

Merry Christmas from our little home to yours!


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