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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

dear santa

Okay. So I already posted today. But as I was typing up that last post my kid was next to me drawing a picture to send to Santa. I dictated the letter on the back of the picture. It was too adorable not to share.

Seriously. My four-year-old is hilarious (when he is not maddening)

(Again for the auntie/grandma types)

The front of the picture has drawings of a knight figure and a Hot Wheels car and a picture of King Peter from Narnia (?)

The back says:

Dear Santa Claus:
These are the three presents I want. Really, can you just do what I want? Put it in your bag. From God's birthday. I have been really really good. Doing this and that and this and that and getting in my bed and doing what my mama said and I do what they tell me except sometimes I don't, but mostly I do. So. Let's celebrate the day, dear Santa.
Love, Jack
For his sister he drew a picture of a ladybug pillow pet (which he got for her) a baby doll and a dollhouse.

And here is what he wrote for her letter:

Dear Santa:
I wish Ayla had a really fun Christmas. I need you to really please give her the presents for Jesus birthday. She has been really good. So come at midnight and give her presents, like I drawed for her. I wish you could come today. Love, Jack (for Ayla)
Awesome, no?

Here are some pictures of cookie decorating bonanza today.

Happy T'is the Season to be Jolly.

anybody want a cookie? seriously. anyone?


  1. Oh my gosh they are too cute!! "Really, can you just do what I want?" HA!!! He's working all the angles. :-D

  2. oh cute! Thanks for sharing( for the Grandma type)

  3. love... so cute. i can't wait to see you! we get in at 11am on the 26th. hugs.


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