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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas crafting - day 3

Day three of crafting. Day three of pajama pants. I seriously need to get out of the house. Luckily our auntie is coming over tomorrow for some shopping excursions. PHEW.

Moving right along…

Dough ornaments were a success today! Although I definitely lost my patience once or twice.

Picture me, salt and flour in hand, calling to the children.

COME, my children. LET US CRAFT.

To which they ignore me, in favor of making chess playing pieces out of Lego blocks and/or pushing random buttons on the I-Pod to play music (including De La Soul. Dada would be so proud)

Eventually I move from cajoling to threatening. Its EITHER CRAFT TIME OR NAPTIME. YOU CHOOSE.

(Yes, I did in fact say that, ridiculous no?)

They finally see the light and come to be crafty with me. (FINE MOM. FINE)

We mix flour and gobs of salt, each getting a turn to stir.

(This is where I lost my patience. Little man tried to stir and flung the dough all around the – newly washed – kitchen floor. Why would I wash the floor prior to a flour-y craft? Good question. Because little miss helped me wash dishes which of course means her dumping copious amounts of water onto the floor.

Copious. Did you catch that? Look, ma, a grown up word! Aren’t you proud?

Am I still writing in parentheses? Good grief.)

For those of you considering this with your own youngsters the recipe and directions were found here and was pretty easy - 1 part water, 1 part salt, 2 parts flour.

I then did the good mommy thing and stepped away. Letting the chil’ens mash and knead the dough and then, gently guiding, helped them roll out the dough. (I say that tongue in cheek because it is very hard for perfectionist mama to step back and let children roll and press out dough shapes without intervention.)

Little man then – adorably – asked to be able to make figures with the leftover dough. A Santa Claus complete with beard, hat and open sack with tiny toys spilling out including a dragon, a ball, and a Harry Potter play figure. (CUTE, right?)

And then, he took the rest of the dough and made Mary, Joseph and a staff for Joseph’s hand. I was commissioned the baby Jesus figure, which I was told looked very nice. Why thank you kind sir.

And then they baked for two hours. And another hour after that. I think they are done.

Tomorrow is painting. I am trying not to be scared.

poking with a straw to create a hole for ribbons

little man's navity figures

Santa and mama's lopsided angel


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