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Thursday, December 16, 2010

making wool mittens

So. Again with the old sweater crafty-ness. I am about to start digging in my closet (better yet, dada's closet) for more. I am running out of sweaters to cut up!

I made this adorable hood for little miss, by simply cutting off the hood from a hoodie sweater and lining it with fleece and making ties at the right place from edging from the sweater. Genius! Why didn't I think of this before!

So then I wanted to make matching mitties. I went in vain to many stores (everything from REI to the Dollar Store) looking for mittens less than $20 that would actually STAY ON and that had longer cuffs to avoid snow up the sleeve issues. Why does no one make these? And who pays $30 for mittens?? For a toddler???


The solution? Make some.

These are the mittens I really coveted. SO NICE. I like how the thumb is a little pocket, like a hand puppet. Easy for little fingers (that hate being covered.)

I found a few online articles about it but, per my norm,  decided to just wing it. I ended up cutting out a few pieces over and over before I got it just right but I am really happy with how they turned out. And they match the hood! And her coat! The geeky 12-year-old in me (who used to match socks and hair ties and earrings) loves that.

Here are some step by step photos:

three pieces to complete the mitten, rather than just cutting
out a hand shape i am making a seperate pocket for the thumb,
like a hand puppet

totally didnt get it right.

piecing together to see the final look, now the pieces are cut big enough

first sew the thumb seam, as i did above when the
pieces were the wrong size, then sew the big hand
part on - remember, right sides always facing!

the mitten turned right side out

i made a duplicate out of fleece for a lining

slip inside the other mitten, inside out (seams facing out so they
are away from your hand)

adding on a cuff
finished mitten! the cuffs can be folded up or down
to cover the wrist more, or even pulled over a shirt
sleeve! YAY.

little miss is pleased.
"open and shut them, open and shut..."

I think I am gonna make more. Maybe for little man who ALWAYS ends up with a cold wrist covered in snow. OOH, with a lightning bolt like his hat (see with the matchy-matchy thing? I can't help it)

And now, I must get off this computer. It's 4pm and little girl WILL NOT NAP. AAAAAAAAAHHH.

Time for some Planet Earth DVDs and a cup of tea....


  1. What a resourceful idea! My kids all need mittens so I'm inspired to make some, now. I put an old wool hoodie of mine through a hot wash today and have a perfect little wool hoodie for my Coo-baby. She looks adorable in it and I'll bet she'll be warm as toast.
    Just like your babydear! :)


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