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Friday, December 3, 2010

dreads and such...

We had one of those golden moments of mommyhood this morning. Perfectly contented, engaged children walking around the art museum, happy as little clams. It was a moment to behold. Little miss even slept for an hour in the stroller while little man and I checked out the Egypt and Japan exhibits. SWORDS! MUMMIES! Very exciting stuff. He even let me gaze for a moment at the Van Gogh painting.

Kind of amazing.

Anyway. I just had to share.

And now it is snowing out and we are playing playdoh/typing on the computer. One of those "I HAVE CONQUERED" motherhood days. HA. To be followed, no doubt, by the tearing-out-of-hair days. Such is life. For now I will revel in the moment though.

So. Pictures of my hair.

Vanity, oh vanity.

No, but seriously some of you are interested, yes? Certainly for my sisters who live out of town anyway. Here are some pictures.

I had little man take many of these. He has this habit of taking the picture then turning the camera before the picture is fully snapped (blackberry photography folks) resulting in a fuzzy picture. Other pictures are self portraits, doing the awkward holding out of the camera above my head thing.

Anyway. Maybe I should recruit dada for some legit pictures. Hardly a priority, lets face it. Insert smiley face guy.

Oh, and a note on upkeep - for anyone curious - I TOTALLY wash my hair. Don't worry. HA HA. The key, is using shampoo with no residue. I use Dr. Bronners Peppermint (the concentrated stuff). Then every now and then a baking soda rinse (baking soda dissolved in water with lemon juice) to really clean (because you can't really scrub and brush like with undreaded hair). Then I also do ylang ylang and lavendar essential oils in water as a spray, to tame the frizzies. That is it. No wax. (I have heard horrible things about it!) And apparently its best to not twist, use ties, or otherwise mess with, dreaded hair. AH HA. Another patience building endeavor, much like raising children, am I right?? It appears the development of patience is key to my character. HA.

good grief i look tired. i even put on makeup today!

built in hair tie!

its hard to see but i swear they are there...
kind of thin rope-like braid-like dreads.
little man says "like snakes! BEAUTIFUL snakes!

fun hairstyles...


little man self portrait. Yes, he is hilarious.


  1. they look awesome! The built-in hair tie is my favorite. A day on top of the Mommy World is a rare and awesome thing! I love that feeling when you kind of stop and realize, "Holy Crap! This is going really well! I hope I didn't just jinx myself..." :-)

    And 3 cheers for raising two tiny people who appreciate the art world!

  2. sara. how is that your tired face? geez sister, you are so gorgeous! also i love your dreads and can't wait to see them in a mere 3 weeks. love you!

  3. She did sleep in the stroller! The Art Museum is now officially on our list of regular outings. We had a great time.


  4. tracy-exactly! of course that afternoon the day came full circle when i found little miss covered head to toe in a tube of my lipstick. i dont even where lipstick. how did she know how to smear it all over her mouth?? (and neck and hands...)
    bek-pretty girl. thanks!
    ruth-yes she did! what a fab time we had, thanks!!


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