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Monday, December 13, 2010

playing in obscene amounts of snow...

like, way, way, WAY too much snow.

(these photos are mainly for aunties and grandmas who care about such things. insert smiley face guy)

getting ready to play outside.
pure TORTURE for the midwestern mama.
 seriously. it takes longer to get dressed
and get undressed than they play in the snow.

seriously 2-3 feet of snow drifts in  our yard.

uh, mom. i cant walk.

baby girl says "HELPY ME MY DADA."

brave explorer of the vast artic wasteland.

she was okay with it as long as dada stayed close

look, i can snowboard.

she told me "my nappytime. night night."
we went in and she was asleep within 10 minutes
(as opposed to today where she refuses to nap!!)

dang mom, that was COLD.

dada's two room snow fort. COOL.

yes, he is about to thow a huge chunk of icy snow
at my baby's head.


  1. We had crazy snow like that last year. TWICE! This year we have waterproof boots and mittens for the kids, and I bet it won't snow at all.

  2. thanks sara! caleb and i ooohhhed and awwwed over the snow and your adorable babies. can't wait to see you all!

  3. Love the pictures, tho I'm not an aunt or grandma... :)

    10 minutes huh?! I guess we'll have to go outside after all! I completely avoid it.

  4. heidi - its all about good outdoors gear. i am all about wool socks this winter!
    ha ha beth! totally worth the 20 minutes of cold!
    kisses bek. cant wait too...


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