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Monday, December 20, 2010

five days of crafting. day 1

So. Day 1 of Christmas crafting.

I think I failed.

Little man woke up with a hacking cough this morning. Dada is taking a much deserved evening out. The whole day was looming ahead of me…

So I am thinking, what is simpler, and more fun, than cutting out some snowflakes to hang on the window. We can do that! Right?

I get out the wrapping paper after little miss goes to sleep. (I was thinking maybe the key to crafting with kids without losing one’s patience is having ONE kid to contend with at a time.)

I show little man how to fold and the various cuts you can do.

We are TOTALLY succeeding with this craft.


YAAAAAAY. Says mama inside.

Oh, but then. I was overly confident I suppose, a downfall of mine.

Little miss wakes up from her nap.

Little man still wants TO CUT MORE. MORE MAMA MORE.

And baby girl wants in on the action too.

Then, all H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEYSTICK breaks lose when I suggest that I be the one to hang the snowflakes on the window. NOOOOOOO MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! (Why is it a big deal to have him do it himself? I ask myself this very question as I type. I have no idea. The lamp was in the way? I could’ve moved it. I don’t know but isn’t it SO frustrating when your kid makes a big deal out of something that doesn’t seem like it should be a big deal??)

Aw, come ON. We were SO close to achieving this in peace. He clambers up on the furniture, dangling precariously next to the antique lamp. I say you do this one I do that one.


And then he kicks his little leg into missy’s mouth and starts wailing. And she starts wailing. And I yell.


I lost it. He ran to his room.

Utter fail.

No, but not utter fail.

He came back, imploring me to “be nice. Like dada.” (ouch.) “can’t we just have a nice day?” We say sorry. We cut out more snowflakes. He got to hang the ones in his room (why didn’t I think of this before?) “Let’s make the WHOLE HOUSE beautiful!” he says, sniffling and hacking.

I feel like an evil ogre.

The day proceeds as such. They are now watching Harry Potter. After watching Dino Dan. More TV than I have allowed in ages. He pestered and pestered to watch it. I say, don’t bother me for five minutes, PLEEEEEEEASE? I am like begging God for patience at this point. I call dada, pick a fight and hang up the phone, definitely taking my frustration at self out on the world. Finally I relent. This is after he says things to me like “dada is nicer than you.” And “I am not going to stop asking until you give me what I want.” And “if you let me watch it I will leave you alone and you can have calm and peace and be alone.” (literally word for word. I was like, really? You promise?? DEAL.)

And here we are.

Snow swirling. Mama typing. Kids watching too much TV. Eh. Oh well.

There is always tomorrow.


  1. i'm laughing. ask jack to make us some too. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I love the snowflakes. They're beautiful! And you're a good mama. :-)


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