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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

anti-recipe #53 baby's first cake

So what I want to do is write about dragons, those inside of oneself in particular.

Instead, in order to balance out my last crabby-pants-woe-is-me post, I will write about this. Baby's first cake.

So our baby girl had her first birthday.

And we were in the middle of settling in...boxes all around...but I was like, you know what, every year for the other kids I end up buying a terrible tasting cake from the grocery store. But this baby?? I am going to make her the finest most wholesome cake possible!! I AM!

And so this is how I did it.

First I made crockpot applesauce a few days before, which is in this cake. Do you know about crockpots for making applesauce? Good heavens I wish I did earlier. If you remember, I have had horrible experiences trying to make applesauce. This however, is a breeze. Skin apples. Cut into cubes. Put cubes in crockpot. Add some sugar (or not). Add some cinnamon and nutmeg (or not). Turn on high. Stir occassionally. That is it. Simple. And DELICIOUS.

So I had some of that in the fridge. I used two cups. Then I added half a cup of brown sugar (or you could add honey) Then a combo of two cups white/wheat flour. One egg. Two tsps of baking soda. A tsp of baking powder. 2/3 cup of MELTED coconut oil (appx) A dash of vanilla. Cinnamon, nutmeg, pinch of salt.

Mix. Bake at 350 in a greased 9x13 inch pan for 45 minutes or so.


Delicious cake.

I tried to create a cream cheese frosting without using a beater (which was still packed) Dont do this. Buy some. Or use a beater. Your call.

Here are some pictures of baby eating her cake. She is scrumptious, like her cake.

the kids helped decorate, can you tell?
timidly approaching the prey

is this how you eat it?

ew. i'm done. this is when she held up her hands and did the all done sign. :)


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