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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

anti-recipe #55 gluten free chicken dumplings

So. Sickness. Sickness has claimed this house. I am fighting back. Re-inspired by Weston Price eating and my latest gluten free endeavors. WE SHALL NOT BE THIS SICK EVER AGAIN. Ha.

So. I am back to the gluten free thing. With my gut (Crohn's disease and IBS etc) gluten free is just better, easier. I can (and usually have to) go back to gluten while pregnant but somewhere around a year after baby is born my body goes, oh, just kidding, we dont like gluten. Which is where I am now.

But a more relaxed place with it. Lets face it fresh baked homemade bread is just plain good. Also, pizza. There is no reason to eat gluten free pizza. Its terrible. So, every now and then I will have a slice of bread or pizza. I am fine with this. But mostly my days are gluten free.

Leading to this meal.

We roasted a chicken last week. (See a previous anti-recipe on how I do this) And we always boil the chicken carcass after, to make a stock. I did this, picking off the meat (and putting excess into ziplock bags and throwing it in the freezer...I use this meat for casserole or fajitas, anything really. I never buy just plain chicken breasts. I went to buy some the other day, in an attempt to cook a meal for my sisters family, and was HORRIFIED at how much chicken breasts cost. We buy two whole chickens for that price at Costco! Ok. End rant.) and then, after straining the broth, made a little chicken soup the next day (just throwing in a carrot or two, some of the meat, some dried onion, dried parsley, and some celery). We never ate it. So two days later I put it in the freezer. I love freezing homemade soup. Such a nice thing to pull it out, defrost, and have for a quick meal. I sound like a total snob but I cant stand canned soup after realizing how easy it is to do this. Homemade soup is just better.

In any case.

So not having any gluten free noodles, I thought, ah, dumplings!

I took one cup of Pamela's pancake and baking mix (which has baking powder and a great combo of GF flours including almond flour) added homemade plain kefir, maybe half a cup. I would've added an egg but we are out (not for long though, he he). Also a splash of milk. Then maybe 1/3 cup of my GF flour blend (by Namaste flours) to get the right consistency and finally a handful of shredded cheddar and some garlic salt.

So to cook them properly, do this, get your soup to a soft boil (is that the right term?) drop in large biscuit size spoonfuls, then cover and let them cook for a good 5 or more minutes. Maybe more like 10. Just peek inside with a fork to make sure it's cooked. Then let it cool a bit and serve. Really so good!


  1. I made this last night. I never made dumplings as I failed miserably once with gf dumplings. I used greek yogurts, flour, egg, and milk (and left over chicken soup). They were awesome. Thanks for the idea!

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