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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

my day

Apparently this is how I am spending my day. Sad face. After two weeks of sickness for little man, a weekend for dada, and this weekend for little miss it is now baby's turn. It is so sad how confused babies are when they throw up. Why is all that nice milk coming back out?? What is happening mama?? So sad. She keeps reaching for her little pumpkin doll we made, who she calls "doll doll" and laying her head down on my chest with a sigh, then trying to get up and play again,then rushing back to me to puke into the towel across my chest again. Does anyone else do baby puke this way? Much easier than trying to shove their little heads over a bowl all day. So sad.


I better not get this thing. Little man said this morning "next it's your turn!" umm, no I say, mama's aren't allowed to get sick. "oh" he says. "that's good"

Dosing up on vitamin c and d now.


  1. poor baby... sad face from Gramma too! :(

  2. Oh, that's awful. I don't think I ever had hope they'd make it to the towel of their own accord... rather I covered EVERYTHING in towels and hoped that I'd catch them if they left the towel draped area. Don't get the bug, June! Sounds awful!


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