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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

school efforts

So, do you want to hear about our first week of school?


No, not really?


It actually kinda sucked.

Why? Wasnt it all roses and fairy stories and happiness and glitter?? (No, not glitter, glitter is evil, I dont have the stuff in my house, for real, I hate it.)

No. It wasnt all those things.


Because dear son got the evil flu from H-E-L-L.

As in puke, poop, horribleness all week. And, one thing about my dear sweet dramatic son, he is not the quiet sweet sick kid (like our little miss) he is a dramatic invalid. "MOM" he yells as he pukes or poops or lies on the couch writhing like a snake, "I AM DYING. DYYYYYYING!!! SNUGGLE ME MAMA! I AM DYYYYYYYYING"

Yes. This. THIS for an entire week.

On Tuesday I made him do stories anyway. Then Wednesday too. By Thursday he was getting weak and listless after not eating for so long, so I hung up my homeschool towel, if you will, and allowed TV consumption. Lots of it. Then Friday too. And Saturday. Sunday. Finally by Sunday after dosing him up with tons of homeopathic goodies he started to perk up. Then he got hives. All over his legs. Then his arms. Then again yesterday, so we gave him Benedryl, they went away. Then again this morning, literally as he is picking up a crayon to draw (C is for Crystal CAVE. Lets draw a crystal cave! Then bake Chocolate Chip Cookies!!) He says to me. My hand kinda hurts. Yes, because its swollen and covered in hives, despite the preventative Benedryl dose we gave that morning. And his feet too.


My mother says. You need to be more flexible. Homeschoolers are flexible.

HA HA. Well, maybe. But really, I need my kid to NOT BE SICK ANYMORE.


Ok. SO. The next homeschooly post will be full of rainbows and fairy stories and roses (but never, EVER glitter) I promise. But so far, this is how we are doing with homeschool. Getting bitten in the ASS by real life. HA.


  1. Oh my word. That seems like an awfully rough start to the school year. I hope that's all behind you now: commence fairy, knights and learning fun.


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