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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

crafty fall pumpkin dolls

Oh, to have my crafty mojo back. Oh. So great.

So I started feeling back into it with the cooler fall evenings back on the farm before we moved, and this is what I came up with - pumpkin dolls.

I was perusing Pinterest (as one does) and little miss came up to me. Ooooh, she says, go back go back! And there she was, a tiny little pumpkin lady.

I was like, oh, you like that?

And she was like, YES!

And I was like, Oh, I could totally make that for you.

And she was like, YES PLEASE!

And so I did.

We found an orange sweater of mine gathering dust in my mom's incredible crafting room. (It had been passed to a sister who passed on it.)

Then a bit of wool (no shortage of that at my mom's place).

Then some sturdy plain fabric for the head, a bit of yarn and thread, and VOILA. Pumkin lady.

I asked little man if he wanted a little pumpkin gnome too, to quietly snuggle in his pocket.

He said yes. (Smile)

So I took pictures of that effort, to show you how I did it. So here they are. Happy sewing!

it started with this little pumpkin lady.

cutting apart the sweater. arms went to a pair of AMAZING wooly pants for baby
and then a pixie hat to match, for her birthday. :)

the basic shape of the body and head. i hand sewed the whole thing, just easier

stitch the head up the back, then stuff

then, this is the tricky part, fold over the top of the stitched part to make
the head round. does this make sense?

now position your head on your stuffed body. do the eyes and mouth AFTER
because its really hard to get it on exactly straight.

stitch all the way around the neck. here is the back of the head, to be covered
with a quaint little gnome hat

here is the shape of the gnome hat. stitch up then turn inside out.
leave the bottom 1/2 inch or so unstitched so that it can pull around the whole
head of the gnome, you will see what i mean
see? position the hat, then sew into place, around the neck and the face.
i used the same thread to then put on a mouth. stuff a few bits of yarn or
wool in the top of the cap prior to sewing for some hair. sew this section
firmyly, especially for babies. they WILL try to pull it out :)
he LOVED his little doll
a larger doll for baby dear

which was happily received :)

she is getting good at hugs

oh baby dear. i love you


  1. Such cute kiddos you have my dear! And the dolls are cute too!


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