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Saturday, October 20, 2012

fall fairies craft and story

So we were sitting in our cozy chair the other day, me and my girl, looking outside at the sunshine and the fall colors, and somehow she brought up the leaves and the colors and I found myself telling this story.

Every year at fall the Sun King packs his things up in his flaming chariot and he and fiery horses leave the sky above us to make way for King Winter.

And then King Winter rules the sky. He brings with him Jack Frost and the fall fairies. Jack Frost is in charge of creating beautiful crystals all over the grass and trees and everything around us. The fall fairies are Red Fairy and Yellow Fairy and Orange Fairy. They paint all of the leaves beautiful colors and then one by one the leaves fall and then the fall fairies work hard to put all the seed babies to sleep deep in the ground so they are warm and cozy all winter.

Then King Winter says "Now, for a blanket!" And he gently lays down a snow blanket to cover up the leaves and seed babies. And the fairies tuck in the seed babies under the white blanket. And Jack Frost hangs icicles on all the trees and houses. And then the whole world sleeps.

"And then what Mom?"

And then in the spring the Sun King comes back. And King Winter packs his sled pulled by polar bears and they go back to his frosty castle in the sky. And the Sun King makes the snow melt and the flower fairies help him to wake up all the seed babies and they stretch out to say thank you to the Sun King and bloom beautiful flowers.

And then, a smile. And then, "Tell it again Mom!"

Much better than the explanation we gave little man at this age "You see, the earth is tilted on its axis and when it goes around the sun...etc. etc. etc."

So, fall fairies have officially entered our little corner of the world, and it makes us happy. So here is how we made some fall fairy dolls. You can too, if you want.

Take some dyed rovings, red, yellow and orange. Twist and pull into the shape of a fairy with wings. Its not hard, really. Loop some around the body in an X shape to secure the fairy in place. Then hang with a bit of thread. I found some dead vines clearing out brush and twisted it into the shape of a wreath, which was the perfect place to hang our fairies, right over our pinecone gnomes sitting in front of their fire. (Next post. Ha. And yes, I am going a little nuts with the fall crafts. I know. I cant help it. I loved this stuff as a kid and having kids is an excuse to relive it again. In any case I figure if I loved this stuff as a kid my kids probably appreciate it too...maybe...HA.)

And a few days later she smiles and points to a bright orange tree and declares that the fairies must've worked extra hard on that one. And I smile back. That's my girl.



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